Tuesday, Oct 12th 1999

My name is Martin and I am a magician. I am writing these memoirs in an attempt to maintain what is left of my humanity. What has happened to my humanity you might wonder? Well it is quite a silly thing I must admit, for you see...I uh...managed to....somehow....turn myself into a mongbat. That's right, a mongbat. The pathetic, hideous, cowardly pig-bat-goblins that plague the lands of Britannia with their incessant shrill cries and endless pestering of good and honest townsfolk.

You see, today I had been experimenting with my new Polymorph spell that I had just purchased from the local Moonglow Mage shop. This powerful spell allowed me to transform into nearly any creature in the land. In my excitement I rushed home to gather my reagents and begin practicing. Initially I had a few successes but far more failures and I began to get rather impatient. During my successful attempts the spell would wear off after a short time and I would return to normal. But in my impatience I must have pronounced the incantation improperly for I have now been stuck in the form of this disgusting creature all day. And of course it would be a pitiful mongbat and not some powerful Ettin or Ogre.

After I realized the spell wasn't wearing off, I left my house to seek help from the Mage guild in town. Upon seeing my mongbat form entering town I was waylaid and assaulted by the town guards causing me to retreat into the forest. Since then I have been unable to safely access my house due to its proximity to the town and the vehemence of the guards. Because of this predicament I have chosen to stay away from the city as most of the citizens tend not to treat mongbats with kindness, myself included. I am frustrated, tired, and hunger is starting to creep in past the cold. I managed to get my hands on some stale muffins dropped by a warrior as he made his way out of town, and I was lucky enough to find an old hollow tree stump to hide in until the morning when I can hopefully sort all of this nonsense out. I beg you, reader, head my warning - Be kind to mongbats, for one day you just might become one yourself.

-Martin the Mage-