Friday, Oct 15th 1999
Too Clever

I am afraid I just might be too clever for my own good.
One of my very first projects after finishing magician school was to concoct a very powerful cure-all potion that should remedy any ailment I might be affected by at the moment. This was a very expensive and time consuming task, and so I had to make sure I kept it safe until the day I might need it. So I locked it away in my thrice-locked valorite enchanted chest in a hidden chamber in the cellar below my home. I even added my own creation of a voice recognition spell so that only I could remove the enchantments.

Waking up in my stump before dawn this morning I decided to start today off on a new foot and tackle my problems with a fresh mind. I knew that if I could just manage to get inside my workshop I could reverse this tomfoolery and move on with my life. I thought to attempt a stealth operation to infiltrate the city in the early morning hours before the citizens had started about their tasks for the day. Fewer people meant fewer watching eyes to alert the guard, which I hoped would increase my chances of reaching my home undetected. As I sneakily but successfully made my way through town, dodging behind bushes and hiding in the shadows I began to hear shouting and the stamping of horse hooves.

Needing to make sure I had not been discovered I carefully poked my snout out from my current hiding spot to witness the city being raided by their rival faction - the Shadowlords. I decided to use this moment to my advantage as I darted from my hiding spot making it as far as the bush across the street before the guards rushed past to defend the city. This gave me the opportunity to make it all the way to my workshop unseen, but now I needed to work these grubby rat fingers and somehow open the door.

I immediately went to the inconspicuous flowerpot on my porch to fetch the spare key I had ingeniously hidden beneath it. After a few dreadfully long and frustrating minutes I managed to maneuver the key into the keyhole, get my door open and hide inside. I sighed with relief and took a step further inside when I felt a sudden rush of energy, light and noise as consciousness rapidly faded into black.