Saturday, Oct 16th 1999
A light

Since it seemed like I would be stuck on this island for the foreseeable future, I figured I could take some time to commit my thoughts into my memory spell as to not overload my mind. This spell has long been one of my more useful creations, allowing me to extract memories out and record them for later recollection. Luckily I put in some extra effort when creating the spell allowing me to perform this part without requiring any reagents to cast the extraction part of the spell. Not wanting to startle my new companion I waited until he was asleep and then began the process. Straining to make my voice as human as possible while maintaining a semblance of dignity I muttered the words of power to begin the extraction process.

My first attempt failed and fizzled out unluckily. I must have forgotten to enunciate my consonants.. My second attempt proved successful when a quick flash of light and glitter of sparkles enshrouded my body for a brief moment before fading away. The weight of the last few days immediately lifted from my mind. Renewed, I was ready to tackle the problem of getting off this island. With no other land in sight, my companion snoozing happily beside me, and the sun quickly disappearing on the horizon I set my mind to the task.
There aren't any trees on the island so we wouldn't be able to make a boat or a raft...
There aren't any spell reagents growing for us to harvest so that we could simply Gate Travel out...
We could test our mettle against the open ocean and swim for it, but M'lord only knows how far the nearest land is, let alone in what direction... Maybe we could float on the husky form of my companion? Surely there was enough bulk there to keep us afloat. Perhaps as a last resort...

As the sun finally disappeared and darkness fell my eyes began to become uncooperative in the task of staying open and alert. To combat the drowsiness I popped up and began to pace around our minute open-air prison. After the 42nd lap I saw a brief flicker of light off in the distance that faded away before I had a chance to focus on it. Keeping my eyes on the spot I began to pace once more, only taking my eyes away long enough to make sure I wasn't going to walk off the edge. After another several laps I saw it again, closer than before and this time it was not fading away! I ran over to my companion and body slammed him so that he would wake up. He roused instantly with an OOMPF and glared at me.

"What the hell are y-"
He began but cut off as he saw me pointing off towards the light. As he saw it for himself he jumped up excitedly and ran to the edge of the island.
"It's a ship!" He exclaimed after a moment. "And it looks like it is sailing this way!"

My mind began to race with thoughts on how to attract the boat to our minuscule island, but there was practically nothing available for resources. I ran over to my companions pack and began to rifle through it for something, anything that could be used to attract the boats attention. Nothing except for a few spell reagents, and not even ones that are of any use: some garlic, a few bushels of nightshade, and a handful of black pearls. Feeling hopeless I threw the bag down and sat on the ground to sulk.

My companion ran over a moment later and grabbed a few of the available reagents and returned back to the ledge where he was standing and opened his spellbook and began casting a spell.