Sometime in the future, somewhere in the universe, someone lived. That someone was a man, and he lived in space. But this man wasn't just any ordinary man, he was a dude - a Spacedude to be precise.


Spacedude was the coolest dude in space. He spent his evenings cruising around in his Spaceride and hanging out with his hotly smart girlfriend. His girlfriend wasn't just any ordinary girlfriend, she was a dudette - a Spacedudette to be precise.

One groovy afternoon Spacedude was on his way to Spacedudette's house when he saw some of his friends cruising along. He gave them the traditional Spacesalute and decided to do a little trick to impress them. He turned on the hyper-thrusters and steered out into the astroid belt median. Spacedude was a fantastic driver and he maneuvered through the asteroids with ease.

While flipping and spinning his Spaceride, he accidentally got too close to one of the smaller asteroids and it cracked the delicate fuel rod on his Spaceride. His Spaceride began losing energy and speed, and was slowly being pulled downward by the gravitational pull of the nearby moon. He glanced over to where his friends had been, but they were gone.

Spacedude was helpless. The gravitational pull of the planet was too strong for his weakened Spaceride to escape, and so down he went....

Spacedude woke up on the rocky surface of the moon, surrounded by unfamiliar territory and strange creatures. He didn't expect to be out adventuring and had only equipped his standard oxygen tank which wouldn't last long. He had some spares, but they were in his Spaceride... He had to make it back to his ship so that he wouldn't miss his date with Spacedudette. He was already on thin ice and being late for the date might push her over the edge.

And so Spacedude set off to locate his downed Spaceride before it was too late....

How to Play

You can play SPACEDUDE now by visiting


Spacedude was originally created while I was attending school at the University of Houston for a Game Development elective that I was taking. I was able to work on it for a whole semester uninterrupted by work or other obligations and it is the first game I made. I only made the first level since that was all that we needed for our project but spent a lot of time polishing gameplay and adding certain features.
I worked on it in collaboration with two of my friends who helped me with art and music. A huge thanks to:

  • Dustin Segers for creating the Spacedude sprite and animations, UI Icons, and the spaceship
  • John O'hara for creating all original music for the game