In the ancient times, in the ancient civilization of ancients, a prophecy was foretold. A day would come when humanity would face it's greatest peril, and all would be powerless to stop it - save for one man. As generations passed this ancient civilization fell to ruin, making way for other great empires in it's stead. Fortunately for us, the prophecy remained safe and guarded by a secret priesthood.

For security, the prophecy had been recorded and broken up into 5 pieces that were hidden throughout the 4 corners of the earth, with the final piece remaining only in the minds of the priests that guarded it. But a great evil was also rising that none had foreseen, an evil that knew of the prophecy and whose sole purpose was to destroy the priesthood and remove all trace of any prophecy. One by one the priests were systematically hunted down and tortured for their knowledge. Soon there remained only two: a man and a woman, husband and wife.

As extinction of the priesthood became inevitable the pair went into hiding, for the woman was with child. They knew that this may very well be the only chance to save the world, and lived the remainder of their lives in hiding but never staying in one place for long. The woman gave birth to a young boy, but sadly did not survive the ordeal and the man was left to raise the boy on his own. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the evil caught up to him and finished the job, and so he redoubled his efforts to remain hidden.

A few years passed and the man found himself in the land now called America, doing everything he could to hide in plain sight with his young child. Returning home one evening the man found the door to their hideout smashed down, and rustling from inside told him that the perpetrator was still inside. The man knew he had only one chance to save his son. With one last look into the boy's eyes the father gave him a wink and a smile and told the boy to go next door to stay with his neighbor, for he would only be a moment.

The boy toddled off and the man stood tall and gathered himself for what he knew would be his final moments. Stepping into his home the man confronted the evil that lay within and prepared for a fight. The man fought with everything he had, he fought for his life, for humanity, and for his son. But the evil was just too strong and the man was clearly no match for it and soon the man lay dying on the floor. As consciousness began to fade, the man noticed a small shape blocking the doorway. A boy. His son. The hope of the earth. The life he just sacrificed his own to save. With his dying breath the man uttered:
"God damnit Ryan..."