The Kingdom of Zuhmbonia was a beautiful realm nestled on the Southern coast of Undeadland. The citizens lived in prosperity due to the guidance of their wise and powerful King Man. King Man was a man's man, and a man of the people. He spent his vast fortunes building schools, helping farmers, and pampering his grateful population. Everyone was happy. Except for King Man...

King Man carried a great weight with him, being a King was no easy task for any man. Especially with the Royal Amulet of 10,000 Kings that he wore around his neck at all times. That thing weighed a ton. But the real weight he carried, was that he never truly felt like he had any friends. Despite his thousands of loving and loyal citizens he never felt close to anyone.

One night before bed King Man looked out across his kingdom and gazed across the vast ocean lit by the countless stars above. As he pondered his legacy as King, a light streaked across the sky and vanished into the blackness of space. King Man thought back to the days of yore when he was just a Man, a young boy with big dreams staring out across the same ocean looking at the same stars. He closed his eyes and made the wish that was most dear in his heart... A wish to find friendship.

The next morning King Man awoke in his bed feeling a bit groggy with a pounding headache. Sitting up, he reached to pour himself a glass of water - but instead his hand fell off.
"Well, that's odd." King Man thought.
"Shouldn't this hurt? I don't feel a thing!"
King Man decided he should call out to his man Jimmers to see what this was all about.
"Jimmers, are you near?" King Man called out.
"What the f-?!" A confused exclamation replied.
The door opened and an alert Jimmers poked his head around the door. His eyes immediately landed on King Man in bed and widened in terror.
"DEAR GOD, THE KING HAS BECOME A SPAWN OF HELL! YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAARGH" Jimmers shouted as he flailed his head wildly from side to side.

Guards immediately began pouring into King Man's room with weapons drawn, surrounding the King sized bed. King Man began to explain himself, saying that this was all some horrible misunderstanding. This had to be a dream! But the more he spoke, the more confused and disgusted the looks on everyone's faces became. He began to get frustrated that they didn't seem to understand him and began to wave his arms and raise his voice. This caused everyone to tense and ready their weapons in response. Someone shouted some orders and they rushed King Man and easily overwhelmed him, and soon his consciousness faded.

He awoke surrounded by darkness and unable to move. He struggled against his bonds and soon was able to get his hand free and determine that he was buried underground. After some struggling and digging he was able to free himself completely and climb out of the ground out into a shady forest with a full moon bright overhead. He still had a massive headache, his memory was a bit foggy and he still overwhelmingly felt alone now more than ever.

By this time King Man realized that his wish must have backfired and somehow came out the wrong way. How could this possibly help him earn friendship? Gathering himself he decided he could worry about that later, for now all he wanted to do was find his way back to town and get some help. He set off into the night following the moon, wherever it may lead.