Release Date: Dec 31st 2018


What's new?

Early release! A lot of work is still to be done before final release but here is what we have so far!

  • 10 hand-crafted levels
  • 2 Zuhmbee types and 3 Villager types
  • Zuhmbee max level is 10

What's next?

Here I will try to keep updated a list of the things I am working on for the next update.

  • Bug fixes and improvements! Lots of them!


You... are... Zuhmbee Guy.
You... have... Zuhmbee frenz.
You... Zuhmbee frenz help... make more... Zuhmbee frenz.
You... Zuhmbee frenz also die... careful.
You... go... make Zuhmbee frenz.
Whole world... Zuhmbee frenz.

Where do Zuhmbees come from?

How to Play

You start off as lonely Zuhmbee Guy in a world full of frenz waiting to be made. You have been shunned by society for too long! It is time to show them the meaning of frenship! Venture forth, greet villagers with love and make new frenz.

Select the Zuhmbee of your choice by tapping on the icon:


The icon depicts which type of Zuhmbee you have selected:


After selecting your Zuhmbee, tap in the greyed area to place the Zuhmbee:


That's it! Your Zuhmbee will seek to befren the closest Villager:


Certain Villagers are willing to accept your frenship and join your posse:


Sometimes making frenz doesn't always go as planned, and you are left to pick up the pieces:


Making frenz is hard work, sometimes your Zuhmbeez need a break:


But if you just can't wait to make more frenz, Zuhmbeez can eat parts to grow stronger and reignite their compassion for frenmaking:


Zuhmbeez aren't very smart and sometimes can get lost or stuck:



My Zuhmbee is really dumb, like it can't find a villager right next to him. How do I make my Zuhmbee be smart?

Listen, being a zuhmbee is hard work. Sometimes they get confused on the frenmaking process and don't know how to react. They deserve a bit of patience! It really helps them out if they are setup with a nice starting position to direct them to the nearest villager without too many obstacles in the way.

When I hit retry it seems like nothing happens, it just keeps showing the same menu
All of your Zuhmbees may be resting and on cooldown right now. Try feeding them some parts or waiting for them to get refreshed and ready to go. You will need at least one Zuhmbee to play a level.